Resource for Advancing Green and Sustainable Environment
Our mission is to connect our community to resources and opportunities, the land, and each other.


We act as, and encourage others to become, engaged stewards of the neighborhood.
We advocate for responsible development that builds upon the physical, social and economic fabric of the neighborhood.

What is Greening?

"Greening" is an active and integrated approach to the appreciation, stewardship and management of living elements of social ecological systems.

Greening takes place in cities, town, townships and informal settlements in urban and peri-urban areas, and in the battlefields of war and disaster.

Greening sites vary – from small woodlands, public, and private urban parks and gardens, urban natural areas, street tree and city square plantings, botanical gardens and cemeteries, to watersheds, whole forest and national or intentional parks.

Greening involves active participation with nature and in human or civll society and thus can be distinguished from notions of "nature contact"
that imply spending time in or viewing nature, but not necessarily active stewardship.

Greening is the process of transforming artifacts such as a space, a lifestyle or a brand image into a more environmentally friendly version (i.e. 'greening your home' or 'greening your office'). The act of greening involves incorporating "green" products and processes into one's environment, such as the home, work place, and general lifestyle.

When outdoor spaces are healthy, utilized, vibrant and green, community residents are engaged and invested in their neighborhoods. The choice to create a healthy environment that welcomes people of all ages, races, talents and lifestyles starts from within the neighborhood.

Conclusion: Vague conceptualizing that have clouded the strenuous and even valiant efforts made to bring sustainability to the world. As has been argued, only a strong sustainability framework of understanding and practice can meet the looming threats to local and global ecosystems and enrich the human and social hosts (human beings and communities) whose lives and fortunes depend upon the ecological health, robustness, and well-being of those more encompassing natural processes. Behind the linguistic caviling, conceptual debates,and policy controversies over going green and achieving sustainable cities are real and vital stakes that hang in the balance—not the least of which, our lives, those of our progeny, and our life-giving planet depend upon it.

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